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Hosting Services


With over 15 years of experience hosting websites, we are well qualified to offer our hosting services to you for your business or organization.


What are the costs for hosting my website?
Starting at $10 a month.
Most small businesses will qualify for our $10 per month plan. From our initial communications regarding your business and its hosting services needs, we will evaluate and determine the hosting service options and requirements that you will need as well as the amount of bandwidth required. We do not throttle your bandwidth. Other providers use stepped increments of bandwidth to your site and may be limiting your business. Under their plans you essentially have no idea whether you are servicing every request to your website. Our philosophy is to provide enough bandwidth to serve every request to your site and balance the price based on actual usage, not potential usage, without varying your price.


Other related services we offer:

Domain registration- $35

Domain transfers- $200 set-up fee

Domain management- $50 per year


Our service includes the yearly domain renewal fee and DNS management.  We will contact you prior to your annual renewal to confirm your desire to renew the domain as well as make any updates to the domain records. We will handle the renewal payments and configurations with the Registrar to ensure that you keep your domain and your site remains active and available.


Why might I need this service?

Our experience has shown that with the annual domain renewal, multiple registrars may take advantage of potential customers by soliciting your business to allow them to "renew" your domain. While they do renew the domain, they also transfer the registration account and access to their own system- now they can control your domain! Consequently it is not uncommon for businesses to either ignore the real renewal notifications because it may look like spam or junk mail.  Domain DNS management includes alterations to the various domain records that you may request- such as MX (e-mail) and assistance with proper DNS syntax on transfers. We will ensure that your site remains active within the internet system of Domain Name Propagation.


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