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Cloud Services

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Premier Internet offers customized solutions for Cloud Service needs. We are a hosting Internet Service Provider. Please contact us, or text us to discuss how we may assist you.


What is "The Cloud"?  The short answer is a much hyped catch phrase used to market Internet services that does not always mean what you think it means.  "The Cloud" generally refers to the Internet, but also refers to storage on different computers that can be grouped together to appear as one, or computers that can be sub-divided to appear as many individual computers.  So hosting your applications in "The Cloud" literally means placing them on the Internet, or sharing space on a computer in a virtual environment. 


Some businesses have gone to great lengths and expense to convince you that by moving your applications to "The Cloud" from your place of business it will increase the speed with which you do business.  Think about this - if you access your everyday applications from a server residing on a local network will it work faster than if it is hosted in "The Cloud"?  Which location sends data over more distance and over less available bandwidth? Some questions to ask are which location provides more computing power?  Less? What is the price for each?  There are situations where hosting in "The Cloud" (ie. offsite), can make sense, especially if you have offices in multiple locations around the globe, but too often we see companies make decisions to move to "The Cloud" because they bought the hype and not for any logical reason.  At Premier Internet we will provide you with enough information to help you make the best decision for your business.