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The American Civil War

At Premier Internet we have a commitment to preserving our nation's rich history through www.CivilWar.com.  What has occurred in the past effects our nation's future and the freedoms we enjoy. At Premier Internet we have donated our time and resources to CivilWar.com, providing the website design, hosting and custom software development.



The Civil War is one of the major historical events that shaped our nation, and for this reason we present through CivilWar.com the authoritative source for information regarding the American Civil War in an accurate and unbiased way without distorting the historical record of events.


Premier Internet, Inc. has been working diligently to develop CivilWar.com. Based in Cincinnati, we are centrally located to many historical sites related to the conflict.  Our goal is to provide a common portal bringing together students, educators, historians, and travelers. To that end we desire to provide a unique resource of accurate information allowing our visitors to fully explore the events that occurred and visit the areas involved in these events before, during and after the Civil War.  We hope you will enjoy the site as much as we enjoy developing it.  If you are interested in helping with the site please contact us!


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