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Automated Services

Automation - The use of technology or machinery to perform work without human involvement. The Internet is a tool that lends itself to automating certain aspects of business interaction.


At Premier Internet we have been automating systems for business large and small.  From auto-responders to information processing, there are myriad ways to ensure your business and clients receive information critical to succesful operations without increasing costs. 


An example would be a marketing distribution system we wrote for a major retail chain.  The system allows the client to upload a print advertising layout and automatically distributes the files to the appropriate newspapers and journals with specific pricing for ads based on region, location, etc.  This system gave the client a leg up on it's competition, allowing for greater flexibility and last minute changes to print advertisements.

If you wish to know more, please read more of the following case study of one of most recent projects.


Fields Research, a marketing research firm based in Cincinnati, OH, obtained certification from the Department of Health and Human Services to conduct surveys on behalf of various healthcare providers to conduct the Consumer Assesment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS®) family of surveys.  The complexity of creating a system that would enable Fields Research to select a random sample of patients, conduct the survey, process the data, generate reports for both the CAHPS® system and the provider meant either hiring multiple people to staff the project or find a way to automate the system.


As a result of the need, Fields Research contacted Premier Internet, Inc.  What we were able to do was create a system with a web based interface that allows providers to upload their patient data securely, generate a call list based on multiple prioritization criteria, automate those calls placed by the Fields Research call center with surveys conducted in multiple languages, process the data and submit reports as defined by the CAHPS® program.  The system provides feedback to the providers as well as the ability for them to manage their account.  We are able to handle hundreds of providers ensuring their compliance with a government mandate at minimal cost.  During the most recent annual re-certification and review process this system was recognized as the most automated and efficient of the various survey compliance processes in place.  All of this was accomplished without Fields Research having to hire a single new employee.