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A race like the opening of the West began.  By March we were up and running with a T-1 directly connected to one of 6 Network Access Points in the country, through Chicago.  We had already registered out first domains, including Cincinnati.com, and were exploring ways of bringing reliable service to homes throughout the greater Cincinnati area.  High end modems were maxed out at 28.8k, with most at 14k and a fair number of people connecting with 2400 baud!

By the middle of the year we had realized that connectivity was a commodity and that our skills in programming, database management and inter-networking were better utilized writing applications for business and connecting offices securely.

We shifted our focus from providing banks of modems to providing web servers.  Among our first local clients were Cincinnati Bell and Mercantile Stores, along with Chemical Bank, which purchased Chase Manhattan Bank in 1996.  We continued to provide and maintain the email services for Chase and discovered a feature of computing which allowed Chemical Bank to not only be the first bank to enjoy true global electronic messaging, but the first trading floor to have a browser with a message pop-up on the screen when a stock reached a predetermined value.

This pop-up alert concept was subsequently applied to network logons at America Online by Steve Williams, one of our partners at the time, as something called "BuddyList" - the predecessor to AOL Instant Messaging.