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Electronic Messaging was a novelty.  Web browsing was a means to display technical data and share information at a rudimentary level, mostly in academia and government.  Commerce had not yet been conducted via the DARPA project that became known as the Internet.  Premier Internet, Inc. had just begun, based in Cincinnati, OH and providing email services to the banking industry in New York.

In mid 1994 a web browser was invented through the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign and an idea was born.  Based on our own efforts to gain access we decided to start a business providing access to the Internet.  About the only way to access the Internet at the time was through a couple of outfits in California and indirectly via bulletin board services, such as AOL.  After seeing the pyramids in Egypt through the University of Cairo while sitting at a desk in Cincinnati, OH it immediately struck us there was more to this Internet thing than sending electronic messages.

We set about becoming the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Cincinnati.  Others had the same idea and the race was on.