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Easy and hassle free hosting services are part of what we offer. We give you as much control as you want or need...

    plusSite access via Secure FTP
    Manage your own site. We provide access and assistance. If you know what you are doing on the back end of a website, you may have complete control over your site hosted with us. Most sites we create are in fact using a CMS, like Joomla, or Wordpress, which you can easily edit from the front end and which do not require FTP access.
    You own your website. If you want, or need, to take your website to another hosting service, or in house, we will assist you with moving the site. The sites we develop for you are not intended to be proprietary in any way.
    plusPremium Bandwidth
    We are an ISP with a large pipe to the Internet. The speed your website loads on the Internet is important. You have our assurance we will not run out of bandwidth and we do not throttle your site. The speed on the recipient's end is another story, but rest assured we have experience in optimizing database and web servers.
    plusNightly Back-ups
    Reliability is important to us. Your website hosted with us will be backed up nightly with incremental backups and monthly snapshots. The data is stored both onsite and offsite to ensure availability should there be a problem.
    plusFirst Class Customer Service
    We develop responsive websites and believe that we should be responsive as well. We monitor our systems 24/7 and have a reliability up time of 99.89%. We answer our phone and you will speak with one of us.
    Our customers include government as well as private sector business. Security is important. Our facility is physically secure, monitored, requires dual key entry and is located in a low crime area. We also offer a custom and proprietary data encryption service which is unmatched in the industry - as in unbreakable, no kidding, not 256 bit, 2048, or any other buzzwords, like SSL, TLS, DES, Blowfish, etc. which can all be broken with enough computing power. In short, we developed our own algorithm for encrypting stored data. Theft of the data alone simply cannot result in loss of the data.

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